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Cloaked King

Waterproof Heated Gloves

Waterproof Heated Gloves

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        Forget about freezing your hands and enjoy the great outdoors to the fullest! The CK heated motorcycle gloves offer well distributed heat to keep your hands and fingers nicely warm on any occasion outside. It is specially designed heating system with composite fiber heating elements distributed across the whole back of a hand and fingers, powered by rechargeable batteries. Enjoy quick and long-lasting warmth on those cold and wet frosty winter days.



        • Heating gloves keep your hands at a comfortable temperature for a long time. With the 3 different heating levels - high, medium, low - you can perfectly choose between the needed heat and expected battery life. Battery heated gloves are easy to use - the power button changes its color depending on a chosen level, so it’s easy to see which level you’ve set.
        • Low - Blue - 104-122°F (40-50°C) - 8 hours
        • Medium - White - 122-131 °F (50-55°C) - 7 hours
        • High - Red - 131-140 °F (55-60°C) - 4 hours



        • Our rechargeable heated gloves provide lightweight comfort with the fair amount of flexibility and dexterity no matter if you are shoveling snow, walking your dog, jogging, skiing or snowboarding, fishing, hunting or riding motorcycle. Adjustable wrist straps and cuff drawstring closures make sure to keep the snow away from getting into your gloves and seal out any moisture. Also includes a locking clip to keep your gloves together while not in use.



        • With a soft tricot lining added the gloves are both waterproof and windproof making the heated gloves still cozy and warm even without heating on! Non-slip palms and touchscreen fingertips - all for your convenience. You can take as many pictures as you like or answer calls without freezing your fingers out! Stay warm and toasty while enjoying the winter outdoors.



        •  Cloaked king’s reputation is built on consistent quality and a deep understanding of what fitness enthusiasts truly need. Beyond the top-notch products, we're a community, a family that grows with every journey. And if you're ever in search of a gift that speaks adventure, look no further. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority and our dedicated team is just a message away, always prioritizing your happiness.

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